Gateway Mode

The goal of Bosch IoT Hub is to enable IoT solution developers to connect devices through various protocols to their back-end applications. The transport protocol to communicate with Bosch IoT Hub needs to be IP-based. However, there are devices that use non-IP based protocols, e.g. low-bandwidth radio based technologies like SigFox or LoRa. To implement such scenarios, IoT solution developers need to utilize some sort of gateway that translates non-IP based protocols to IP-based protocols as outlined in the graphic below.

Bosch IoT Hub Gateway Mode Gateway Mode communication flow

These gateways need to be able to send device data on behalf of the actual devices. For this purpose Bosch IoT Hub offers the so called Gateway Mode for some of its protocol adapters. With Gateway Mode, only the gateway, which is an ordinary device within the device registry, needs to authenticate with Bosch IoT Hub. The actual device just needs to be registered within device registry including a link to its gateway. Credentials for the actual device are not required.

Link a device to a gateway

To operate devices in Gateway Mode, the actual device needs to be linked to its gateway. To achieve this, the via property must be set to the device-id of the gateway on device registration. See Suite API Docs: Device Registry for details. The linked gateway is just an ordinary device with credentials within device registry.

Authentication Flow

To authenticate the actual device, Bosch IoT Hub authenticates the gateway and then verifies that the actual device is linked to this gateway.

Supported Protocol Adapters

The following protocol adapters support Gateway Mode: